More Free Monsters vs Aliens Coloring Pages

They are free! And they are here! Three more monsters to print and color. And is it just me or that last one looks like an evil doctor?

So here we go.

Coloring page number one: stars a running screaming jello monster. How do they make a jello run? Boggles my mind. But it works.

And here is the same guy screaming again. Or maybe singing? On this coloring page he seems a lot happier. But that’s one big mouth. Not something you can feed on a tight budget, I’m sure.

And this is the evil looking one. But maybe he’s actually good. You know how they say, don’t judge a person by first impression? Maybe the same applies to monsters and aliens.

My kids saw a preview of Monsters vs Aliens and now he can’t wait to go. I’m trying to explain that spring isn’t all that far away. But you know with kids – patience isn’t a virtue they’ve heard of. So I’ve been printing pictures to get over the hump. I recommend you do the same. It’s a fun way to anticipate the cartoon.

Now, Dreamworks, you better deliver. Cause there is no way I can avoid going at this point.


  1. thank you so much, the kids loved it!!!!

  2. Love the Aliens coloring page. More i like the last image. Keep blogging and thanks for sharing.

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