The Absolute Best Free Monsters Vs Aliens Coloring Pages

Why is this the best Monsters Vs Aliens Coloring Page? Because it’s got all the monsters together. That’s why…

And they look positively determined to do something…

Like topple that building?

Now what do we know about these monsters at this point?

The girl’s name is Susan Murphy, aka Ginormica. She will be voiced by Reese Witherspoon. Apparenly she was hit by a meteor and that made her grow into an almost 50 foot woman… Oh my…

Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D was actually a real doctor before his teleportation device messed up and stuck a cockroach head on his shoulders. Here is a Dr. Cockroach Coloring Page (scroll a bit down).

Insectosaurus is, I presume, the giant grub… He’s a good example of what can happen when you mess with nuclear radiation. In fact, he’s so amazing that we’ve got an picture of him:

Bicarbonate Ostylezene Benzoate (B.O.B.) – I think that’s the jello man. Check out B.O.B. coloring pages here. And another Bicarbonate Ostylezene Benzoate coloring page. (I like B.O.B. -- it's shorter...)

And the Missing Link. Who has been thawed after a 20,000 year nap… Here is the Missing Link’s coloring page.

You know what’s the best part about monster coloring pages? They are monsters. You can color them anyway you like. You can add hornes and hooves and pricks and bricks and… whatever… Plus provides great inspiration for self made monsters.

A friendly printing reminder – right click on the pictures, download and then print. Easy as that.

Coming up next time – possibly some actual aliens. We are already working on them. Three eyes and all. Charming little dudes…

More Free Monsters vs Aliens Coloring Pages

They are free! And they are here! Three more monsters to print and color. And is it just me or that last one looks like an evil doctor?

So here we go.

Coloring page number one: stars a running screaming jello monster. How do they make a jello run? Boggles my mind. But it works.

And here is the same guy screaming again. Or maybe singing? On this coloring page he seems a lot happier. But that’s one big mouth. Not something you can feed on a tight budget, I’m sure.

And this is the evil looking one. But maybe he’s actually good. You know how they say, don’t judge a person by first impression? Maybe the same applies to monsters and aliens.

My kids saw a preview of Monsters vs Aliens and now he can’t wait to go. I’m trying to explain that spring isn’t all that far away. But you know with kids – patience isn’t a virtue they’ve heard of. So I’ve been printing pictures to get over the hump. I recommend you do the same. It’s a fun way to anticipate the cartoon.

Now, Dreamworks, you better deliver. Cause there is no way I can avoid going at this point.

New Monsters vs Aliens Coloring Page

Ok, now that we’ve got a new monster to our coloring page collection. You know, “when aliens attack, monsters fight back!”… Or so the trailer goes.

Judging by this coloring page this guy has the right amount of cool and attitude. You just know earth is in good hands. (Paws?)

You know what’s so cool about the premise of monsters and aliens? First of all, there is a lot of room for weird graphics and characters.

A secondly cause you can create a kids version of “Alien vs. Predator”… Just kidding.