Free Monsters Vs Aliens Coloring Pages -- Official Welcome!

Monsters Vs Aliens is a new 3D animation feature coming out in March 2009, and we will be posting free Monsters vs Aliens Coloring Pages here much sooner than that! So, bookmark this page in your favorites as it is about to become your one-stop monster printable resource!

This feature is brought to us by DreamWorks Animation, the same studio that was responsible for both Madagascars... By the way, I saw Escape 2 Africa in the cinema and thought it was phenomenal. So I expect Monsters vs. Aliens to deliver as well.

This movie features the starring voices of Reese Withersponn, Stephen Colbert (as the President of US, no less!) and Kiefer Sutherland.

Looks like it's gonna be a fun spring break for the kids! (And parents who are not too snobby to check out a cartoon ;) )

Anyways, check back soon for the Monsters vs Aliens coloring pages, ready for print and comment. We are working on them...